welcome to Eastern Pacific Shipping Pte. Ltd.

We are an international ship management company headquartered in Singapore.

Social Responsibilities

Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and as such is engaged in a variety of regular and intermittent activities that support this important objective. The following are examples of the types and frequency of CSR activities that EPS supports:

1. Willing Hearts (Singapore) The Willing Hearts organisation run a giant ‘industrial’ kitchen and they prepare food boxes for the less privileged and/or elderly. These boxes are then home delivered. As regular volunteers, EPS members of staff volunteer their time to assist with the cooking, presentation, packing and delivery of these meals. This initiative is supported by EPS through coordination, promotion and the provision of ‘time off’ to attend to the activity.
2. Fund Raising EPS has been particularly successful in raising funds through voluntary donations in response to international disasters. The most recent were the earthquakes in Nepal, following which EPS matched ‘dollar-for-dollar’ the funds raised through staff donations.
3. Charitable Donations EPS has previously used annual employee events (such as our annual dinner dance or CNY celebrations) to support local charities. We continue to look for opportunities for local suppliers of ‘door prizes’ who use the funds generated by the sale of their goods in support of noteworthy charities. The most recent of this was the door prizes purchased for the 2016 Dinner Dance. In addition, we also provide charitable organisations with clothing and footwear that we find to be ‘excess to requirements’ for our Fleet. Recently this approach resulted in the donation of over 1000 pairs of brand new boots to two organisations in Singapore; The Sailor’s Society and The Salvation Army.
4. EPS Scholarship Fund EPS provides an annual bursary of 60,000 $  both for deserving Seagoing and Shore based staff which is paid to successful applicants whose children are entering tertiary education.