welcome to Eastern Pacific Shipping Pte. Ltd.

We are an international ship management company headquartered in Singapore.

Compliance & Business Ethics

Our Commitment to Excellence and Compliance

At Eastern Pacific Shipping Pte. Ltd. (“EPS”), we believe fundamentally that our business can only thrive when we all act with the highest standard of integrity and ethics. This is why the first word you see in our Core Values is "Integrity". We believe in doing what is right wherever we are in the World and in acting with the highest ethical standards.

We are committed to excellence and we adhere to our values while having a 'zero tolerance' to any non-compliance or potential non-compliance in our business with applicable laws and our Code of Business Conduct, including anti-bribery and corruption, sanctions regulations and anti-competition rules. We take this matter very seriously and we will not condone an actual breach of these rules or even the appearance of a breach of these rules.

Our Commitment to Integrity and Ethics

We are committed to the highest ethical standards in all of our business. Our Business Ethics Policy clearly summarizes our full commitment to ethical business dealings. For example, our Code of Business Conduct prohibits the giving or receiving of improper payments or the promise to give improper payments that can influence a business decision, to or from any counterparties. We do not condone the receiving or giving of any excessive gifts or entertainment that could have the appearance of impropriety. In principle, we believe that ethical business is good business for EPS.